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Posted on Juil 11, 2016 in Exhibition, Non classé

Gbadolite, Versailles in the jungle
Bozar Summer of Photography
17 June’16 – 04 September’16


Gbadolite is a ruined utopia in the midst of the tropical jungle. Built at the end of the 1970s by order of President Mobutu, the city was to be a symbol of revival. To complete his dream, Mobutu spent millions equipping his native village with all the modern amenities that were lacking elsewhere in the country. Marble, stone and ostentatious luxury transformed the “Versailles in the jungle” into a parody of a city. Mostly unappreciated, Gbadolite crumbled with the downfall of the dictator behind it.

Photos of Mobutu’s legacy by Colin Delfosse, the Belgian photographer, will also be shown at BRASS from 19 May to 3 July.